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Web Site

This web site was created to document our progress during the course of the technology demonstration project.  Originally, we had a Blogger web site, but I (Gerry) believed that Blogger was not as versatile for the requirements of this project, not to mention that most Blogger sites are just plain ugly.

Based on my (Gerry) experience with WordPress blogs, I knew that if our project site was powered by WordPress, it would have powerful functionality to create a well-organized, easy-to-navigate project site.

So basically, I (Gerry) chose a template with a top navigation menu, customized the banner graphic, created the menu tabs, and then populated the site pages with content that Jeff and I discussed. Because it was close to the end of the semester, we chose not to create storyboards for this web site.  The easy-to-use WordPress template allowed us to simply populate and edit each page on the fly.

We think it turned out very good.



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Live Demonstration

Now that we have finished the Rapid Prototype and submitted it for evaluation to our class web site, we then developed an outline for our Live Demonstration.  After writing the outline, we then set up a time to teleconference to go over last-minute technical details in the LMS environments and go through a dry run.  Finally, we conducted our live demonstration on December 12, 2007 for our class.


I.  Introduction

II. Overview of WiZiQ and Adobe Connect

III. Functional Overview and Comparison of WiZiQ and Adobe Connect
A. Voice / Video
1. Features
2. Comparison
B.  Chat / Text
1. Features
2. Comparison
C. Whiteboard
1. Features
2. Comparison
D. Content (file sharing)
1. Features
2. Comparison

IV. Wrap-up / Conclusion

V. Post-Demonstration Feedback Survey

Live Demonstration

Click here for the link to the Adobe Connect recording of our demo.

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After we created the three different storyboards, we began building slides in PowerPoint.   Visual content for the slides came from screen captures taken from our online collaboration while working in the LMS environments of WiZiQ and Adobe Connect.

Based on the features of each of the four functions (voice / video, text / chat, whiteboard, and content file sharing), we created slides that demonstrated the features. These slides represented what we intend to demonstrate to our classmates during the live demonstration. After slides that demonstrated the features for one LMS, we then repeated the process for demonstrating the same features for the other LMS.

Finally, the last type of slide showed a comparison of the features for a particular function between the WiZiQ and Adobe Connect.

Below is a screen capture of a sample slide.
Screen capture of PowerPoint slide

Click here to download a sample PowerPoint slide.


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After creating the initial “paper and pencil” sketches, we transferred our concept to a PowerPoint slide to create a storyboard.  We developed three storyboards to match each type of sketch.  There were three types of storyboards / slides:

  1. Slide containing a large graphic.
  2. Slide containing a graphic with text box.
  3. Slide containing two columns (to be used to compare the two LMSs).

Below is what one of our storyboards looked like.  It is representative of slide #2. Screen capture of a storyboard Click here to view a sample storyboard in PowerPoint.   

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Jeff worked up three initial sketches for the Rapid Prototype (PowerPoint):

  1. Slide containing a large graphic
  2. Slide containing a graphic with text box
  3. Slide containing two columns (to be used to compare the two LMSs)

Sketch 1Sketch for PPT slide containing large graphicSketch 2Sketch of PPT slide containing graphic and textSketch 3Sketch of PPT slide with two columns

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