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Project Wrap-up

As of the writing of this last post, our project is pretty much finished.  We are collecting the data from our online survey and are planning to analyze it in the next couple of days, especially since our instructor is going to be evaluating this project web site soon.

On an interesting note, we got some publicity on the WiZiQ blog.   Jeff says:  “We are famous.”  That is funny. We hope you enjoy reading about our project.

To sum up our final conclusions:

The winner is:

  1. Voice / Video = WiZiQ
  2. Whiteboard = WiZiQ
  3. Chat = Adobe Connect
  4. Content / File sharing = Adobe Connect
  5. Overall (by decision, not a knockout by any means) = Adobe Connect

We believe that as WiZiQ progresses through further stages of development it will continue to increase in features and compete more strongly against Adobe Connect and other commercial online conferencing systems.  Once WiZiQ solves some of its technical difficulties and becomes more robust, we see it as a very viable free online conferencing solution for education and business.



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Main Idea

We believe it is important to compare WizIQ as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Connect for online meetings and as an online teaching environment. Adobe Acrobat Connect is not free, and is somewhat limited in its features and functionality depending on the amount of bandwidth available.  Additionally, one has to install a required software package to use it.WizIQ is a free, web-based product so anyone can use it anytime anywhere, making online teaching and learning accessible to anyone in the world.  Furthermore, we would like to examine whether or not this platform is viable for online teaching in higher education and the K-12 environment, as well as how it works as a training tool in a private industry setting. Based on our observations, we plan make some hypotheses as to how this platform will affect online learning today and in the future.


Since WizIQ is fairly new and very few people know of it, this project will: 

  • Expose the class to a new online learning and teaching platform 
  • Compare two online learning and conferencing platforms
  • Encourage class participation and usage because we will ask others in the class to try WizIQ by participating in our demonstration
  • Incorporate user feedback and evaluation of usage of WizIQ

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What is this?

boxing glovesWelcome to our EDTEC 550 project web site.  We are Gerry De Ocampo and Jeff Dungan, graduate students at San Diego State University during Fall of 2007. This project is for EDTEC 550: Introduction to Distance Education taught by Dr. Fred Saba. This site covers our progress through our capstone project for which we chose to do a technology demonstration of online conferencing systems.

The idea was birthed from our classroom experience using Adobe Connect (formerly known as Breeze) during our synchronous weekly class meetings online.  Because Jeff recently discovered an alternative web conferencing software called WiZiQ, we thought it would be interesting to do a comparison between Adobe Connect and WiZiQ. We think our classmates will enjoy learning about WiZiQ and what it has to offer.

You can follow us along our journey as we develop our final demonstration of this technology.


Jeff and Ger


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